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Aircargo Loading Systems

We are the number 1 in rollerbed systems for aircargo. At all major airports, Heathrow, Schipol, Frankfurt and many more around the world, you will see hundreds of trailers moving aircargo on a Hydraroll rollerbed system. Aircargo refers to any parcel, package, item, (except passenger baggage) that is carried on an aircraft. It can be high value, temperature sensitive, and consumer based and business to business.

Aircargo volumes are influenced by world trade and in particular, the boom in online retail has significantly increased the volume of parcel delivery services which in turn increases requirements of aircargo loading and unloading systems.

Our systems are designed to move all air cargo pallets, ULD’s and containers, delivering perishable goods, parcels and much more! These systems operate on the airport grounds, moving general freight and off the airport for freight forwarding to their next destination.

Our systems use rise and fall rollers so the rollers are lowered before departure, making the load safe in transit and only requires a low-pressure air supply to operate. All our systems are manufactured in the UK.

This aircargo is then loaded onto an aircargo system fitted in the trailer for delivery to its final destination. This aircargo loading equipment can be supplied in a few options:

Pneumatic Rollerbed – Fitted into the trailer floor

Pneumatic Rollertrack is a rollerbed system fitted permanently into the trailer floor, for long term airfreight contracts.

Trailerloda – Fitted on top of the trailer floor

Trailerloda is a rollerbed system fitted on top of the trailer floor in just a few hours so the air cargo trailer is ready for the road the same day. This is ideal for short term contracts and refrigerated vehicles.

Powered Cargo Loader – Automatic rollerbed system

Power Cargo Roller is a rollerbed system with added power rollers for this who require an automatic aircargo loading system.

Vanloda – Fitted on top of a small truck or van floor

Vanloda is a smaller version of the Trailerloda system, designed to move air cargo in smaller vehicles and vans.

Hydraroll Rollertrack


Aircargo rollerbeds

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unloading cargo from truck


Portable rollerbed kit

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Vanloda System


Pallet loading systems for vans

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Powered Cargo Roller

Powered rollerbed system for Aircargo

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