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What Is It?

This container lifting system can lift the container up to 35 tonnes, off the truck to ground level for loading/unloading.

Joloda’s Container Lifting System is a heavy duty, high powered unloading system that can lift up to 35 tonnes in weight. This highly efficient and practical system is safe for single handed use, loading and unloading containers off and on to trucks for safe transportation.

Why Use It?

  • Single person operation
  • 25% the cost of a conventional fork truck or cranage
  • 20 Minute container turnaround time
  • Offload and reload up to 35 ton containers – anywhere
  • Modular design for simple maintenance

Who Uses It?

  • Ideal for anyone who needs to load containers with long heavy goods at ground level

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Container Lifting Systems In Use

How the container lifting system works

This container unloading system consists of four independent electro-hydraulic jacks powered from a 440v 3 phase power supply making it a truly flexible solution that can be used anywhere.

Each jack attaches to each corner of the container using a 1 ton fork truck, before being clipped onto the container castings. Each jack then links up together so that the controls sync seamlessly for safe lifting and lowering.

Safety first

Our system offloads and reloads all ISO containers up to 35 tonnes from trailers. It lifts them off the trailer and positions them safely on the ground for loading and unloading. Safety features include an over tilt fail-safe cut out which prevents more than 5 degree of over tilt. It’s Lloyds approved for all shipping containers

Single person operation

Its single person operation is provided via a plug-in pendant control or by radio control. It’s easy to control with the correct level of training, thanks to simple and straightforward lift, lower and tilt fingertip-button-control.

Cost saving and efficient

It allows for efficient unloading or loading of containers from position A to B in just 15 minutes. This is perfect for busy yards with a high turnover rate. It will conduct up to 10 container movements per day.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that this container unloading platform solution is just 25% of the cost of other container loading systems, including conventional fork truck or loading cranes. It’s also easily maintained thanks to its modular design.

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