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What Is It?

This system comprises of rise and fall DC 24V rollers used in combination with Pneumatic Rollertrack

This gives a safe and efficient means of loading and unloading AKE’s and aircargo pallets in and out of trucks at the press of a button. It handles all flat bottomed ULD containers and transportation pallets up to a maximum of 20,000kgs with no product damage.

  • System can carry either 5 ULD bins or a combination of 2 aircargo pallets plus 1 ULD bin without the manoeuvrability problems associated with tow tugs and dollies.
  • Once loaded the airfreight pallets are secure in a sealed vehicle for transfer to the storage area or bond.
  • The added power rollers and scissor lift enable the system to load air cargo automatically, allowing a quick loading process and reducing service time.
  • The Powered Cargo Roller System uses rise and fall rollers, like the rest of our air cargo systems. The rollers can be lowered before departure, ensuring the cargo’s stability during transit.
  • Easy to install into new or existing vehicles.

Why Use It?

  • Loads aircargo containers automatically
  • Provides a safer and more efficient means of loading and unloading aircargo
  • Enables aircargo pallets to be transferred from aircraft to airside/roadside storage 3 times quicker than utilising tow tugs and dollies over distances in excess of 1km
  • Eliminates problem of side loading of pallets onto dollies. Pallets are automatically loaded and unloaded through rear of vehicle from scissor conveyor
  • Pendant control by 1 man – the safest way to load/unload airfreight pallets
  • System retracts below floor level providing load stability during transit
  • Braked motor prevents pallet roll out when power is not applied
  • Polyurethane roller surface gives grip and longer roller life

Who Uses It?

  • This system is used by anyone wanting to move aircargo bins and pallets automatically and also aero engines.

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Case Study

Menzies Aviation trial new control system for powered roller systems

Menzies Aviation use the Joloda Hydraroll powered cargo roller system for moving ULD's at Heathrow Airport Aircargo Centre and have just had delivered 5 rigid vehicles 8.1m long which are used for airside distribution.

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